Angry gran run 2 is a brand new version, It is much better than the older one. This one has the new interface, new city and new tours. But angry Grandma is the same and the mission is same too. You should help Grandma to escape from the strange and damn, evil city.

Don't forget about coins that are on the way, collect them, be fast and adroit and get the best high scores. It is very simple and complex game at the same time, so lets try and do your best guys.

The first version was designed for mobiles, but the new version of Angry grun run is for computers also. To play this awesome game you need instal Unity Player,If you already have it, lets start playing, escape Grandma and beat the records.

You may know how to play this great game from the first version, but I still want to give you a little bit tricky advices and instruction. For going left and right use Z and X keys, for jump or dash you should press Up and Down arrow keys.

Also, one main thing you should do, is to beat the people in the streets and get coins from them. After getting some coins, you can purchase many things in the shop, like new characters, running possibilities and turbo speed, etc.